I was saved by the power in the blood of Jesus Christ to Spread the Gospel through Music

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Kcms Records is a Christian record label based in the United States of America, USA. Kcms Records is owned and operated by Joey Rodriguez, aka “Kcms Rico.” Kcms Records was founded on glorifying Jesus Christ and spreading the gospel through music. Kcms Rico started young with a passion for music on two Numark ttx1 turntables. He eventually grew his love into writing, producing, and creating Christian music.

Kcms Records announces its transformation by the power in the blood of Jesus Christ to spread the gospel through music. The gospel recording artist first released a full Christian album with fourteen (14) hip hop tracks, called “Regeneration.” The Album is on it way to gaining much attracted attention for music lovers and the Christian community in the United States of America and Worldwide.

The gospel artist lived an unspeakable lifestyle, involved with dangerous gangs and a unhealthy living spiritually. The power in the blood of Jesus transformed him and was regenerated to become a talented gospel music artist seeking to sow the fields. God Has a plan and Kcms Records used the fourteen (14) track hip-hop gospel album to help deliver many gang members and those lost in the streets across the USA.

The goal is to reach the youth and help them avoid gangs and drugs by finding faith in Jesus Christ. The gospel hip-hop artist’s heart is with the streets and helping gang members see a way out and hope in Christ. Kcms Records are dedicated to evangelizing the world! By spreading truth there is hope in Jesus Christ anytime, any day,any place.

To enjoy life-transforming hip-hop gospel music. Click the links below to follow Kcms Records on Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, and the music link.





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