A good feeling is the basis of strong performance. That is precisely why controlling your own emotions is essential for creating success, including in sales. What has a more direct impact on our mood than music? Not much! Therefore, well-chosen music is a very powerful tool to keep your mood positive and productive throughout the day. It would almost be a shame not to use it because music really is a fantastic source of motivation. The right songs make you optimistic, enthusiastic and energetic so that you can take on the world. That enthusiasm is reflected in your attitude and that is what customers love: salespeople with an appropriate dose of passion!

You can’t disagree about music. Because everyone thinks something different about it. Certainly, there are artists who get entire tribes to dance or whoop at the same time. How is it possible that our music tastes differ so much? Ahsan Samraa’s Khalaray moves you to dance, while it drives me screaming mad? Could we agree?

Not long ago, Ahsan Samraa entered the studio to record KHALARAY, one of his most acclaimed and the one that gave him superstar status. With a profusion of musical styles, the album is a recognized masterpiece. Ahsan Samraa composed the song, you just have to listen to the music track “KHALARAY” to understand that he is more talented. The album has magnificent moments: the sound collage with which it opens, and the combination of the instrumental bridge, are top notch. But out of a succession of good songs, there is one that stands out, KHALARAY.

“KHALARAY” is a rock landmark, and the most unique of all. Recorded over weeks, during which many tracks were recorded in the studio and more dollars were spent in the process of the production. It is not difficult to understand the terror of executives at the prospect of releasing such a song. The industry knows that the key to the success of a track, to a large extent, is in its ability to fixate on memory, and lifestyle – that is difficult to forget after just two or three listens. The most obvious way to do this is through repetition.

When we’re faced with success, we often think that that person was given something extra at birth (“He’s so talented”). But is that really so? On the other hand, the constant beat throughout the song stands out in this song, with a bass and a kick drum. Instead, in this case, a rhythm close to reggaeton has been used . This is an example of how urban music styles today merge and blend.

While this base maintains its simple structure throughout the song, it is the voice that marks the changes and variations of the song and it is through the voice and the repetition of the lyrics that we can identify the part that corresponds to the chorus.

What stands out most about this song is that it only has the beat , the rhythmic base (accompanied by sub bass ), and it has almost no atmosphere or melodic element, except for its introductory part. In this way, the voice gains a great role, since it is in charge of creating the melody of the song. With the changes in the voice we can identify the stanzas and refrains.

Ahsan Samraa is an artist who continues to travel the world, who makes his voice and music heard in the American continent and in some European countries. An audacious man with surprising vitality and he continues to be the talented and charismatic type. The genius behind it all is Ahsan Samraa, who, his colleagues recall, had the whole structure in his head, knowing when to sing or play, like a professional that he is. After the release of the music track, Ahsan Samraa sounds started to soar high, the precision of the voice inputs, the pitch and cohesion are extraordinary.

I listen to the piece once again at full volume, having analyzed it from head to toe for the last month, savoring each part, and I am excited by what I hear and what is to come: Ahsan Samraa’s performance, each color and harmony of the sound, the precision of the accompaniment, the solos, the operatic extravagance, the intricate architecture of the choruses, the contrasts and transitions, again the voice. It doesn’t matter that it’s an unlikely formula: That’s the thrill of a true rock hit, Khalaray.

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