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Developing Digital Skills in today’s world

In the world, the use and application of information technologies (ICTs) has expanded to all areas of human development and it is increasingly necessary to have digital skills and competencies both in the academic world and in the workplace. has made important advances that allow technological innovations and trainings to work from home, in order for students to develop their full potential in the digital world and to know how to build something you love.

Thus,, is announcing a private community and a platform with a team of experts helping aspiring entrepreneurs learn digital skills online by way of dynamic mentorship, coaching and training support through the Six Figures Mentors, in this initiative that rewards with an innovation space that will allow the development of their digital and ICT skills.

The community aims at assisting entrepreneurs realize their goals by being a part of something that they are truly passionate about, fostering creativity, and technological innovations through digital skills so that they themselves help achieve a sustainable future.

“In this new digital era, it only depends on us to learn the necessary skills to enhance our future; the only necessary thing to put in place is a computer, an Internet connection and the desire to learn. For this reason, we created this private community and platform, so that many people can expand their opportunities and have tools so that they are not left out of the fourth industrial revolution. Our Six Figures Mentors are set to focus on the following, but not limited to introduction to startup financing; Git and GitHub Professional; Basic programming; Voice to voice marketing; Personal brand; Software Engineering Fundamentals, and Introduction to Digital Marketing, among others.

If one of your purposes and passion is to start on the path of digital entrepreneurship, start in the world of programming and web development, or enhance your business or brand through digital tools, training to develop these skills is a good point of departure and will be glad to be of help.

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